About Botaniq. Diaries of an observer and interactor. A way of preserving art is across our own experiences and interactions, reinterpreting and capturing its spirit or essence. To be able to look at the work of art more than in its materiality, as an artefact that narrates stories of a cultural moment, an unique journey, […]

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Botaniq in Sao Paulo, File Festival 2013 23-25Julio

  Eng.below // Anuncio File abajo// Botaniq File Festival. El taller Botaniq se desarrollo en el marco del festival File (Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica) Sao Paulo. Del día 23 a 25 Julio 2013. El Festival File contó con una serie de conferencias y exhibiciones a lo largo de esa fecha. Aunque ubicado en el […]

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Botaniq en México- La experiencia del cine y su conservación. Ambulante 2012

La experiencia del cine y su conservación / The experience of cinema and its conservation. 12 al 15 de marzo. México-Xalapa. Festival de cine Ambulante 2012. Mayor info. http://www.ambulante.com.mx/lista.php?ip=481 Taller coordinado por Valentina Montero.   Ambulante Gira de Documentales, Fundación/Colección Jumex y el Jardín de las esculturas de Xalapa convocan a participar en el taller, […]

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Lights Contacts by Scenocosme

Lights Contacts. Art work: Lights Contacts. Artist: Scenocosme. Year: 2010. Diary of: Florian Wiencek.   Nationality: German.   Date: 15-09-2011. Description: I enter the room with the project and just see a black stand with a chrome ball, a spot from above enlightening the ball. People are standing around it. The artist is there and […]

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One Hundred And Eight by Nils Völker

One Hundred And Eight. Art work: One Hundred And Eight. Artist: Nils Völker. Year: 2010. Diary of: Stephanie Sarah Lauke. Nationality: German.Date: 15-09-2011. Description: Place: ISEA Istanbul. No. 29          

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