12 Movies (Matthias Gommel 2002/2009)

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12 Movies.

Art work: 12 Movies.

Artist: Matthias Gommel (Germany)

Year: 2002/2009.

Diary of: Lina Mazenett.

Nationality: Colombian.

Date: 09-02-11


Description: Strolling through the exhibition, at first glance I couldn’t decide me for an Artwork, because there were a lot of interesting things, but later I was aware that I had more connection with the artworks where there’s no any device (I mean technological devices, like a glasses, or controls) between the work and I, because with these things I feel a lot of distance in between, that’s why I have chose a very simple but intimate artwork.It’s the work of Matthias Gommel, called 12 Movies. What I made was to place the artwork in some specific locations, and thus inquire how does it work and what happen with this piece in each context, and this way also I tried to remove it from the gallery and bring it into a real context.

I think is in the real context where this Artwork has its most and relevant capability to ponder about the masked and familiarized reality and also as a mechanism who triggers reflections about our culture, (that it is taked for granted ) and its strange and obscure modus operandi.

Place: Karlsruhe- Germany. Main Exhibition, ZKM.

Temperatures: .

Lum Space: .

Humidity: .

Number Pages. 07 No. 13
Size. 29,7 x 42 cm. A3
White Paper 150gm.

Technique. Illustration, Collage.
Diary of  Lina Mazenett  (Panoptica chair 2011) based on the above artwork ZKM Karlsruhe

Diary cover
An attempt to archive an artwork imagining it in three different contexts: 1/ on a penitentiary 2/ on the shore of a beach 3/ on a tennis match.
Description and  strategy
Description and strategy

Artwork research

Imagining it on a penitentiary

what would happen if we replace on a penitentiary, the sentry boxes with these chairs ?

Hey who makes the count of the score?

Maybe could be a little dangerous

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