T-Visionarium II

T-Visionarium II.

Art work: T-Visionarium II.

Artist: Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel, Neil Brown, Dennis Del Favero, Matthew McGinity.

Year: 2008

Diary of: Lu Ping. 

Nationality: Chinese.

Date: 09-02-11/11-02-11

Description: The relationship between subject and art object, that is seen by the subject or participation in object by the subject, happens perhaps not only in the moment of seeing or participating, but also before and after that. How does it /do they exist in the fold of time and space?

I chose T_Visionarium II by Neil Brown, Dennis Del Favero, Matthew McGinity and Jeffrey Shaw and Peter Weibel neither because it was the most fascinating artwork for me within the exhibition “imagining media@zkm” ; nor as a result of seeing the work elsewhere circa three years ago, actually it came itself.


Place: Karlsruhe- Germany. Main Exhibition, ZKM.
Number Pages. 04 No. 11
Size. 29,7 x 42 cm. A3
White Paper 150gm.

Technique. Illustration, collage.

The translation coming soon…

The translation coming soon…

T-Visionarium II

The translation coming soon…

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